Unified Trial Solution

Simplifying patient participation and accelerating toxicity detection with an integrated solution to clinical trials

Historical challenges

< 10%

of clinical trial data is collected away from sites

> $1b

revenue loss in large pharma companies due to manual processes in clinical development

< 3%

of eligible patients join clinical trials due to perceived burden

Our proven solution


of assessments can be conducted at home[1a]

6 months

acceleration enabling incremental revenue of faster compound to market[1b]

> 60%

improvement in patient experience[1c]

Unified experience for patients

Reduce the burden of clinical trial participation

A single, fully integrated app makes it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials from home. Step-by-step guides explain how to connect and use clinical devices, enabling more than 70% of clinical assessments to be collected remotely. [1d] Lower burden results in an improved patient experience, engagement, and protocol compliance. [1e]

Unified management for sites

Generate richer, integrated evidence

Novel digital endpoints offer a more comprehensive view of drug effectiveness and tolerability. A simplified patient experience improves participation and retention rates, reducing clinical burden and accelerating treatment duration by up to 50%.[1f]

Unified data for clinical teams

Streamline data management

Real-time oversight of site operations empowers clinical site management teams to proactively manage emerging risks and support trial sites. Real-time patient data integration enables data management to identify data quality issues early, ensuring data integrity with a frictionless flow into clinical analysis and reporting pipelines.

Two employees review a deployment plan on a tablet.

Partnering with us

We support you in designing digital and measurement strategies before protocol development

We know that decisions made before protocol development have the greatest potential to improve trial outcomes and experiences for patients and sites. That’s why our experts are available to support you in designing digital and measurement strategies for your clinical trials before a protocol is confirmed.

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We offer an extensive portfolio of endpoints and RPM modules

We know that juggling multiple solutions and devices can add complexity and burden for sites and patients. That’s why we’ve integrated an extensive library of digital endpoints, connected devices, and easy-to-follow patient guides into our unified trial solution, streamlining clinical assessments and improving patient monitoring.

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We assign an experienced implementation team for high-quality deployment

We know that integrating new solutions into your workflow can seem daunting. That’s why we assign an experienced implementation team to assist with ensuring our products are deployed at the highest quality to accelerate improved outcomes across your clinical trials.

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An all-in-one solution to trial management

A completely unified, single sign-on experience for patients and sites, with modular features configured to suit your trial needs.

Novel digital endpoints

Enable remote measurements and/or patient-reported outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Offer support and guidance during adverse events


Select from 100+ pre-approved instruments across therapeutic areas

Connected devices

Measure >70% of assessments from home[1g] reducing clinical visits and burden

Event management

Identify and manage adverse events with proactive alerts

Telehealth and virtual visits

Conduct remote patient visits with in-built video call capabilities

Task management

Notify patients about outstanding activities to reduce missing data

Visit and medication management

Centralize details to facilitate site visits and medication adherence

Home supply

Deliver clinical supplies directly to patients

Disease and study information

Increase engagement with patient-friendly articles and resources

Unified data

Simplify dispatch to data management teams post-study


Generate real-time training records and certificates


Adhere to global compliance and security standards


Support patients and sites with 82 available languages

Sample tracking

Track collected biosamples to reduce missing data

SSO and integrations

Current and future integrations in one unified platform, accessed with a single sign-on (SSO)

Therapeutic area needs are built into the solution

  • Enable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) modules to monitor symptoms associated with patients’ disease and treatments, and proactively identify opportunities for clinical intervention

  • Use connected devices and patient-reported outcome measures for greater visibility over patient symptoms

  • In-app guides are automatically triggered to assist patient self-care and provide guidance for managing less severe symptoms

  • Sites receive real-time alerts when patient status changes, improving communication between patients and sites[1h]

  • Combine connected devices, telehealth and virtual visits to enable remote measurements of patient lung function via at-home spirometry

  • Connect the patient to their clinical team, and coach and monitor spirometry results in-real time

  • Leverage integrated AI tools that ensure equivalent quality of at-home spirometry to site-based measurements

  • Generate richer data with fewer site visits, reducing the number of patients required in trials by 50%, and accelerating trial delivery by 6 months[1i]

  • Incorporate novel digital endpoints and connected devices into your trials and  empower patients to participate from home

  • Increase patient engagement and protocol compliance, resulting in an increase in patient experience scores by 60%[1j]

  • Reduce the number of in-person clinic visits required by 60%, lowering the cost-per-patient by 43%, equating to more than $25m in savings per trial[1k]

  • Collect over 70% of clinical trial data at or near the patient’s home with connected devices and novel digital endpoints[1l]

  • Further reduce patient burden by supplying medication directly to patients with at-home supply

  • Reduce the need for long-distance travel and the number of site visits required by up to 40%[1m]

  • Increase the number of patients who feel able to participate in clinical trials, accelerating trial timelines without compromising quality

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Z4-64378 | DOP: April 2024