About Evinova

We're empowering global life sciences to accelerate better health outcomes

We believe that digital solutions need to do more

To propel clinical development

Our solutions expedite design, delivery, and decision-making

We’ve designed tools that consolidate historically siloed processes, pipelines, and portfolios within a single platform. Our solutions are transforming the confidence of sites, sponsors, and CROs to get medicines to market.

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To elevate patient experiences

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Our solutions improve patient-specific care

We’ve developed novel digital endpoints that reduce patient burden while eliciting richer, patient-centric evidence. Our solutions are transforming the patient experience in clinical trials through accelerated intervention, diagnosis and treatment.

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To accelerate better health outcomes

Our solutions have proven, published benefits for sponsors, sites, and patients

We’ve delivered improved outcomes for sponsored trials in 40+ countries, including registrational Phase III trials. Our solutions are transforming how clinical trials are designed, managed, and analyzed.

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Our story


Commenced research across 9 countries, examining the needs, issues, and future of clinical development


Launched first product for global study design and planning


Launched global pipeline management solution and unified trial solution


Expanded unified trial solution to 20 countries


Expanded unified trial solution to 44 countries


Founded Evinova to share digital solutions with the wider industry


Established contracts with Pharma sponsors and partnerships with Parexel and Fortrea

Our difference


We draw from deep sector-specific expertise to develop solutions with proven, published benefits for sponsors, sites, and patients.


We apply clinical science evidence and insight to identify where the big unmet needs are, rather than just digitizing existing approaches.

Human experience-designed

We use human-centred design principles to create digital solutions that are intuitive, relevant and enjoyable for everyone who uses them.

Our team

Our team is uniquely placed to deliver solutions that solve the sector’s greatest challenges.

As a separate healthtech business within the AstraZeneca group, our team has the expertise and insight of a major pharma used to developing new therapeutics.

We complement this sector-specific scientific knowledge with extensive digital expertise, from technology strategists, digital product developers and user experience designers, to data and behavioural scientists.

We’re designing scientific solutions for healthcare, by healthcare.

  • Sean Connolly

    Sean Connolly

    CTO, Evinova
  • Ami Mehr

    Ami Mehr

    COO, Evinova
  • John Utz

    John Utz

    Head of Product, Evinova
  • Gillian Livock

    Gillian Livock

    CGO, Evinova
  • Matthew Bonam

    Matthew Bonam

    VP Digital Health, Evinova
  • Thomas Sutton

    Thomas Sutton

    CDO, Evinova
  • Alicyn Campbell

    Alicyn Campbell

    CSO, Evinova
  • Andrea Rubio

    Andrea Rubio

    CFO, Evinova
  • Dawn Plowman

    Dawn Plowman

    HR Director

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