Accelerate clinical development with proven digital solutions

Evinova offers a suite of globally-scaled digital health solutions, empowering sites, sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to optimize the entire clinical development lifecycle

Delivering proven, published results

  • 40%
    up to 40% fewer in-person clinical visits[1a]
  • 60%
    improvement in patient experience scores[1b]
  • 32%
    reduction in trial costs[1c]
  • 6 months
    acceleration in trial delivery[1d]

Unified Trial Solution

Improve patient experience and trial outcomes

Simplify clinical trial participation with a single integrated solution connecting patients, sites, and clinical teams.

  • Identify and manage treatment toxicities with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Generate richer, regulatory-quality data with versatile eCOA and novel digital endpoints
  • Reduce cohort sizes and accelerate timelines as a result of better data capture[1e]

Drug Development Suite

Expedite study design and portfolio management

Connect, transform and act on data across the clinical development lifecycle.

  • Design better trials with more accurate cost estimates and accelerated study feasibility assessments
  • Ensure operational excellence with proactive alerts and insights about pipeline, study, and site performance
  • Allocate resources effectively with a unified view of portfolio performance, with data updated daily

Therapeutic area needs are built into the solution

Support patients and clinicians to identify, manage and treat symptoms (including pulmonary and gastrointestinal toxicities) with modules for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

Minimize the number of site visits traditionally required for lung function monitoring and accelerate clinical trial timelines by 6 months[1f] with remotely supervised at-home spirometry, using integrated telehealth capabilities.

Maintain patient engagement and reduce the standard trial complexity of cardiovascular studies for sites and sponsors with a wide selection of novel digital endpoints that enable measurements to be completed at-home.

Reduce the need for long-distance travel often required for patients with rare diseases to join trials, and the frequency of in-person site visits by enabling clinical trial data to be measured remotely and delivering supplies directly to patients’ homes.

Designed for performance, efficiency, and global compliance

Secure End User Layer

Data encryption in transit, compliant with TLS 1.3 standard

Identity & Access Management

Flexible, shared roles and permissions across products with Single Sign-On (compatible with SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0)

Multi-Tenant Application Layer

True SaaS experience and scale

Multi-Tenant Data Layer

Isolated customer data tenants, encrypted at rest and secured with customer-managed encryption keys

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Z4-64383 | DOP: April 2024