Drug Development Suite

Increasing transparency across the portfolio and empowering decision-making

A modular solution designed to suit your business needs

Study design and planning

Use the power of data and AI to accelerate productivity and design more effective studies. Encourage collaboration, creativity, and efficiency with live environments built for teamwork. Place key design info at your team’s fingertips to easily compare trial timelines, cost, patient experience, complexity, and carbon emissions.

Build studies with schemas

Design studies with drag-and-drop schematics flexible enough to capture any shape

Compare scenarios

Create multiple design scenarios and easily compare metrics before selecting the lead option

Compare to similar studies

Identify similarities between current study and others, both in your portfolio and externally

Compare to industry studies

View key data points from similar industry studies to inform future designs

Estimate costs

Generate a robust cost estimate with over 97% accuracy,[1a] and compare with internal and industry benchmarks

Reduce patient burden

Identify potential burden points before study commences

Assess feasibility

Automatically assess feasibility of countries and sites based on internal and external data

Assess complexity

Compare protocol complexity against internal standards, identifying and addressing drivers

Reduce carbon emissions

14% improvement in carbon emissions[1b]

Pipeline management

Gain a holistic perspective of your pipeline and drive strategic conversations around operational delivery. Track progress towards business priorities, compare against internal and external benchmarks, and use filters to drill into performance at a country, brand, trial, or site level.

One source of truth

Track performance across programs, studies, recruitment, and timelines from a single platform

Portfolio view

Access an overall view of your portfolio, including active and upcoming trials

Easy-to-use design

Empower global usage, from Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to Clinical Research Associates (CRA)

Intuitive search

Search and filter by program, study or country to quickly find the information you need

Performance health

Receive proactive notifications on trials requiring attention and quickly identify where performance is at-risk

Predict recruitment

Generate recruitment curves with 94% accuracy on future dates for the study[1c]

Daily data updates

Track performance in real-time with data refreshed daily

Compare to industry benchmarks

Compare trial performance against external benchmarks

Corporate scorecard

Set internal targets and track progression and regulatory events

Unified Trial Solution

Enable more patient-centric trials by enabling hybrid and at-home assessments with connected devices, easy-to-use integrated eCOAs, proactive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and end-to-end patient engagement.

Novel digital endpoints

Enable remote measurements and/or patient-reported outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Offer support and guidance during adverse events


Select from 100+ pre-approved instruments across therapeutic areas

Connected devices

Measure <70% of assessments from home,[2] reducing clinical visits and burden

Event management

Identify and manage adverse events with proactive alerts

Telehealth and virtual visits

Conduct remote patient visits with in-built video call capabilities

Task management

Notify patients about outstanding activities to reduce missing data

Visit and medication management

Centralize details to facilitate site visits and medication adherence

Home supply

Deliver clinical supplies directly to patients

Our methodology and approach

We work with you to devise a deployment plan with maximal results

We assess which areas of your business are likely to see immediate improvements using our platform and design a deployment approach accordingly. We take a holistic view to consider global, therapeutic area and individual study needs.

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We support you to prepare your business and data for deployment

We provide expert guidance for each step needed to fully integrate our platform into your business. We can assist with data preparation and importation, and devise a modular deployment schedule to suit your resources and priorities.

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We are available to advise on digital strategy and implementation

We can provide expert consultation on how your business can accelerate outcomes and meet objectives using digital healthcare solutions, and support you in implementing a fit-for-purpose digital strategy.

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Deliver benefits for your business from year one

$7 m

potential savings per annum by reducing over-recruitment[1d]

$9 m

potential savings per annum by eliminating manual administrative processes[1e]

$1 b

revenue by accelerating your pipeline[1f]

Trialed, tested, and proven to deliver efficiency

The Challenge

Clinical trial costing has traditionally been completed in multiple individual spreadsheets.

This has meant a lack of visibility over study details at a global level, and has prevented informed discussions around optimal study design.

Clinical teams have spent most of their effort defending cost calculations, instead of assessing different options.

The Solution

Our data-driven study design and planning cost module can generate estimates in just 4 minutes for an initial estimate, or 1 hour for a full estimate.

Teams are empowered to create and compare multiple scenarios, optimizing their study design to deliver optimal costs and outcomes.

Additional levers can be used to assist governance decision-making by adjusting for design complexity, performance, and local regulations.

The Results

$100 m

savings in the first year

$365 m

savings in the fourth year[1g]

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[1a] [1b] [1c] [1d] [1e] [1f] [1g] Based on AstraZeneca R&D case studies, 2019-2022.
[2] Durán, C.O., Bonam, M., Björk, E. et al. Implementation of digital health technology in clinical trials: the 6R framework. Nat Med 29, 2693–2697 (2023).
Z4-64376 | DOP: April 2024